Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so important to your website? Building a website is more than just “Build it and they will come!”. Your website is your business face to the world, and SEO is the way your face is found in a crowd. Now, a lot of companies do SEO, they will tell you that there are 100 words your website should be found on for a particular market. But being found is only the start of Marketing, you need to convert your visitor into a customer. Our Marketing checklist has a 100 places we investigate to see how your website will convert those watchers into buyers.

The RAD Rod SEO Method:

  1. Audit your current website and determine how you currently rank in general based upon the text on your site.
  2. Determine your sites “Ideal Customer”, or the perfect customer, ask the following questions:
    • How did that customer find you?
    • What did they type into Google to locate you?
    • What are they looking for?
    • Did you provide them what they wanted when they find you?
    • Is there more they need before they “Convert”?
    • What is the average revenue from this type of customer?
  3. Keyword Research – What are the keywords a customer will use to find you.
  4. Determine the “Voice” of your site, does it match the “expected image” of your ideal customer?
  5. Is your website the expert in the field?  If not, how and why should it be?
  6. Vision – what is the vision of your website… yea I’m sure you saying “Cha-ching”, yes but money is only a part of it, how do you complete the solution for your customer?
  7. Make a marketing Plan!  This is the road map to meet that vision
  8. Pull out the Tool Belt and do some renovations,  with a plan this can go rather smoothly.. but like changes always expect problems.
  9. Start measuring your site
  10. Don’t expect overnight success… It can take months (literally months) for search engines to parse and get found.
  11. Work your site on Social media, building links, writing blogs, and reaching out to your customers
  12. Marketing is a never ending job… and we will be here as you grow tweaking for optimal growth in your field.