WHY RAD Rod Web Development?

Maybe your business doesn’t even have a website yet, and you don’t even have a plan!   We can help you out, thinking through your marketing message in easy steps – RAD Rod can help you quickly and easily create a website to share your message to the world.

What’s the RAD Rod Way of doing business?  We start with a Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology in designing websites.  We put less emphasis on planning tasks and more emphasis on development.   The steps are simple:

  1. Requirements for the site and/or application are collected and documented.
  2. Analysis – requirements are matched to a small set of quality frameworks that can match the requirements adequately.
  3. Design – Starting with existing frameworks, design time is limited to modifications, mostly plug-in and template work, to allow for future upgrades to the framework.
  4. Build – A prototype site or application is then installed and documented.
  5. Test – Testing is performed in conjunction with the customer, to determine that all the requirements have been met for the site or application.
  6. Deploy and Training- Site is Deployed and SEO and marketing begin.

RAD Rod E-Commerce

Do you want to sell your stuff online?  The RAD Rod Commerce solutions can set up a website to sell, and we can even load your products, take pictures and market your products to websites like Amazon, Google, and Ebay so your online store can get greater visibility.

RAD Rod IT Support (Austin Area only)

Maybe you just want a corporate email, or inter-office communications, we can help you with that also.   RAD Rod can be your onsite IT Department, helping you with hardware support including networking.   Our technicians can help you solve your productivity issues, keep your computers and technology working.   Don’t hire a dedicated IT Guy, consider a monthly contract for on-site support in the Austin and surrounding areas.